Learn Python to work in Data.

Learn Python's best practices to become a proficient programmer who can learn any concept independently and transform it into exponential knowledge.


Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Instructor: Jesús López

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I'm a Programming + Data Science Trainer & Consultant for companies and individuals.

Since September 2019, I have worked over 5,000 hours 1:1 with more than 500 clients from different professional backgrounds: Researchers, Managers, Data Scientists, and Master's Students, among others.

  • Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, and Machine Learning projects for a Neurologist from the University of Oxford to predict Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

  • Machine Learning projects to predict vesical tumors for a Urologist from Ramón y Cajal Hospital

  • Stock Market Portfolio Optimization for students from BME

  • Geographical Data Visualization projects for professionals in the UK National Health Service

Thanks to solving their programming problems while I solved the doubts they hadn't understood, I have continuously improved my teaching methodology.

I have deconstructed the practical knowledge of the problems I solved with my clients in a set of best practices so that you get the point of any concept right away in any of my courses.

Looking forward to teaching you the best that I have learned!