Analyze any type of Data with Python to visualize best insights

Don't get stuck on the screen because you don't know how to analyze your dataset with Python.

You'll learn the best practices to manipulate the pandas.DataFrame to extract the finest oil from your data.

This course is for you

You want to learn the best procedures to manipulate, visualize and analyze your datasets.

You waste a lot of time copy-pasting the same solutions from Google over and over again; you wish you wrote the code directly from your head.
You are a beginner with Python and want to learn best practices to work with datasets.
You want to work on practical exercises that will help you craft the skills most companies ask for people who work with Python.


You only need a computer with Internet conection.

We'll take care of the rest by explaining all concepts through hands-on tutorials step by step.

Our courses have a life of its own. In other words, we add new content that solves the students' most common doubts as if a private lesson was given.


Key outcomes

Why the DataFrame is the best object

Forget about complex "for loops". Instead, work with the superpowerful pandas.DataFrame to compute most of your calculations in one single line.

Pivot your Excel to Python

You'll manipulate the DataFrame as if it was an Excel to calculate and automate all your operations. Get ready to work with may exercises designed to craft your skills.

Interact with your Data Visualizations

You'll work on many practical use cases to understand the many types of interactive plots you can recreate with plotly library.

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Flexible options adapted to your needs.

Digital Edition
Enjoy the course at your own path
Access to the materials
Access to the private community
Certificate of completion
Consulting Edition
We'll design an optimal roadmap for your learning journey
Everything included in Digital Edition
Define a solid learning strategy that saves your time
Exercises adapted to your custom needs
Calibrate your Python skills